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waifu2x.online allows you to upscale image without losing quality. The image upscaler uses artificial intelligence to upscale anime or any other images online for free. There is no need to download any software. Just drag and drop an image that you want to upscale and let AI handle everything left. It's free to use. You can upload as many images as you like to upscale them for printing, business, entertainment and more.

Vance AI Anime Upscaler

Waifu Image Upscaled by Vance AI Anime Upscaler

Why do people choose waifu2x.online?

waifu2x.online is an online image upscaler that uses deep learning to upscale any of your images, especially anime pictures. For anime fans, waifu2x.online is their top choice since they can make anime pictures larger whthout losing quality and without any cost. There is no complex layers or registration. Just upload an image to waifu2x.online and you can get your image upscaled in seconds.


When do you need to upscale images?

You can upscale image quite easily nowadays, realistically speaking. Ever since we have had the Internet and smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets, things like image editing applications to upscale images have become more and more trivial and ordinary. However, that's only half of the picture. To upscale images, we need more than just an application to increase mere resolutions of an image.
With a smooth UI design and heavy AI technology carrying this application, you are just one upload away from getting your images to the kind of quality you want. This technology is no slouch either, for it has been used multiple times in visually heavy mediums like films and video games. With technology like this, waifu2x.online is a really good choice for upscaling images.


How does AI image upscaler work?

AI image upscaler allows you to resize anime images while reducing their random noise using AI upscaling technology. Based on deep learning, waifu2x image upscaler has been trained on numerous images so that it has the ability to upscale your images while boosting their quality.

Who are Best Waifus?

If you are a big waifu fan, you must be eager to download best waifus and even print them out. They are Nao Tomori from Charlotte, Lucy Heartfilia, Manaka Ao, Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan (The Dueler), Tamaki Kotatsu from Fire Force and famous waifus like Erza Scarlet, Lucy Heartfilia, and Mikasa Ackerman.