Old photo enhancement is something that has been picking up pace quite a lot due to the increasing use of AI and Deep Learning in image editing software tools. This technology is now even good enough to be implemented online. We will recommend to you a list of five best applications that enhance old photos. All of these tools are more or less very easy to use, so don’t worry about the ‘how to enhance old photos’ part.

5 Best Tools to Enhance Old Photos Online

1. VanceAI Photo Restorer

Price: You can enhance old photos three times for free. After that, you can choose from paid plans that start from $9.90 per month with 200 image credits offered.

An awesome aspect of using VanceAI is that it offers more than just old photo enhancement. So, you can use this tool to automatically enhance old photos online and then use other features such as AI Image Enlarger, AI Photo Colorizer, and more to truly edit your image however you want. Not to mention that all VanceAI applications, including its online old photo restoration tool, are powered by AI and Deep Learning technologies, hence you can expect great performance from each application.

Vance AI Photo Restorer


  • Offers some of the best results.
  • Processes images pretty quickly.
  • Other image editing applications.


  • Limited amount of free use.
  • Won’t work well on excessively damaged photos.
  • This tool isn’t included in the image enhancer software.

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2. Hotpot.AI

Price: You can enhance old photos for free with this tool. You may have to pay a fee for using the image commercially or if you choose to get the API version of this application.

Hotpot AI is an online image editing and enhancing application that offers multiple features such as old photo enhancement, black and white photo colorization, image enlargement, and more. The application is also designed with AI based algorithms which allow it to process images much faster than average. Finally, you can also request the API version of this tool for desktop use.



  • Automatic image processing.
  • It is absolutely free to use online.
  • Offers API version of the tool.


  • Commercial use requires payment.
  • It doesn’t have many features.
  • Could use more applications.

3. Image Colorizer

Price: The application offers 8 image credits for free. After using that, you will have to choose from paid plans that start from $6 per month with 60 image credits.

The Image Colorizer online image editing and enhancing tool can offer old photo restoration, image colorization, blurry image enhancement, and more. You can upload images that are within 3000x3000 resolution and 5 MB of size. It supports images that are JPEG, JPG, and PNG. Due to its AI based design, you can expect to enhance images automatically. The images that you upload on their website will get deleted within 24 hours, ensuring that the user's data is well protected. You can also use this application on mobile through their mobile apps.

Image Colorizer


  • A popular online image enhancement tool.
  • Offers multiple applications.
  • Easy to use tool.


  • Does not support many file formats.
  • Limited amount of free use.
  • Takes time to process.

4. Softorbits

Price: You can get a free version of this tool for limited uses.

This is an image editing software tool that works more like the traditional editing tool such as Photoshop or Photos from Windows. You can use it to enhance old photos as well as do the basic editing such as photo cropping, rotating, and similar. When it comes to payment, you also get a 30-day money back guarantee, in case there is a need for it. However, it is a fairly popular software that works in most cases.



  • Popular image editing software.
  • Fairly easy to use.
  • Lightweight software.


  • Limited free use.
  • Manual editing can turn off users.
  • Takes some time to process images.

5. Photo Works

Price: You can get a free trial version of this software. The most affordable option is the Standard version which costs $8.25 with discounts going on.

Photo Works is an entire package for an image editing software application that you can use for a lot more than to enhance old photos. It offers hundreds of image filters for you to apply on photos. Also, it supports the RAW file format as well as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc. It is compatible with Windows 10, 7, 8, XP, and Vista. Photo Works will also continuously provide free updates after purchase. With this software, you can also make use of face portrait enhancement, image enhancement, color correction, and other features.


  • Multiple features included.
  • Affordable prices during sale.
  • Lightweight software app.


  • Not suitable for beginners.
  • Does not offer automatic processing.
  • It has limited free use and free trial.


Image enhancement as a whole has taken many steps forward now that it has incorporated extra features as well as AI into its design. You can now restore old photos online with as much convenience as possible. Users also have more options than ever. They can either go for AI based online tools such as VanceAI or choose the software editing tool like Photo Works.


1. How to enhance old photos online?

You can easily enhance old photos online with an application like VanceAI Photo Restorer. The first step would be to use the link given here to access it and clicking on Upload Image to open the Workspace. There, you will need to upload an image and begin to process it. That’s it. You will receive the output within a few seconds, which you can download by using the download option given. It will be stored in your local device.