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We all have a thick album of old family photos, more or less some of them are black and white. Why can’t they be colored? How do they look in colors? Such questions can be easily solved today with a photo colorizer powered by AI. Here, I’ll walk you through a great photo colorizer-Vance AI Photo Colorizer, as well as how to colorize a black and white photo with it.

What is photo colorizer?

Photo colorize generally refers to software or an online tool that allows you to colorize photo from black and white to color. Some of them require manual operations like adjusting parameters, applying filters, colorizing with brush tools, etc. While some of them are based on AI technology that can automatically colorize black and white photo. Like Vance AI Photo Colorizer we’re talking today is an AI-based image colorizer that allows you to colorize photo online.

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How does Vance AI Photo Colorizer work?

Vance AI Photo Colorizer is released by Vance AI, which aims at providing AI image enhancer solutions. Using deep learning, Vance AI trained its photo colorizer system on thousands of black and white images to enable it to automatically colorize photo with accurate colors.

How to Colorize a Black and White Photo with Vance AI Photo Colorizer?

Step 1: Upload a black and white photo

Go to the page of Vance AI Photo Colorizer and upload the photo you want to colorize.

Photo Colorizer

Step 2: Start to process

Click on “Start to Process” to colorize photo online. Note that if you want get better effect, you may pay for a pro version.

Photo Colorizer

Step 3: Download the result

Download the colorized photo. Or you may preview it before downloading.

Photo Colorizer

Performance of Vance AI Photo Colorizer

Old black and white photos generally have some scratches, fractures and spots due to undesirable reserving conditions. To enhance the quality of old photos, Vance AI also provide a restoration tool-Vance AI Photo Restorer. Here, we use both tool as an image enhancer workflow to restore and colorize black and white photos. Now, let’s see the results.

Photo ColorizerPhoto Colorizer

VanceAI Photo Colorizer Alternative: can be seen as the best alternative toVanceAI Photo Colorizeris basically due to its powerful AI technology and free of use. Though the quality of results is not as stable as VanceAI's, it is still the easiest way to help you to do so.

Colourise Online


Using an AI-based photo colorizer to colorize black and white photo seems increasing popular nowadays. This is mainly due to that such photo colorizers are quite easy to use for everyone and the results are generally great. What makes Vance AI much more special is that it provides a one-stop photo enhancementsolution. For old photo restoration, using Vance AI Photo Restorer plus Vance AI Photo Colorizer make it easier to get an impressive result. Also read:How to Restore Old Photos with Vance AI Photo Restorer


How to colorize a black and white photo without Photoshop?

Without Photoshop, it is recommended to colorize photo online with an AI-based photo colorizer, which can automatically colorize black and white photo in seconds. Taking Vance AI Photo Colorizer as an example, you may only upload your photo into this photo colorizer and AI will do the rest work.