You might think this is a world full of inspiring photos. Not all of them. It is common to see small and low-quality photos online, many of which are generated by users. But if these low-resolution images are of great relevance, then using a photo enlarger likewaifu2x.onlinebecomes necessary.This article takes a deep dive into both AI and non-AI powered online photo enlargers.

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Best 5 Online Photo Enlargers 2021

First are 2 AI photo enlargers. Unlike traditional solutions which compromise quality, AI photo enlarger can enlarge photo without losing quality, which is made possible with machine learning and AI technology. Instead of using conventional bicubic interpolation, AI products adopt advanced algorithms, which have been trained on numerous photos.

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1. Let's Enhance

Price: Free, 100 images: $9/mo, 300 images: $24/mo, 500 images: $34/mo
Compatibility: Online

With Let’s Enhance, you can easily enlarge photos without losing any quality at print level. Powered by machine learning, this online photo enlarger uses AI algorithms that learn to add details to your photos automatically. This photo enlarger online free allows you to process and download 5 photos without spending.

Lets Enhance

2. Deep Image

Price: Free, 100 images: $9/mo, 500 images: $39/mo, 1000 images: $69/mo
Compatibility: Online

Deep Image is another best AI photo enlarger that comes with more scale options. This online photo enlarger app allows you to enlarge 5 photos free. Under free plan, you can choose to enlarge a photo by 2x, 3x, or 4x. However, before you can enlarge photo online with Deep Image, you need to do some extra work. That is, as you sign up, you will be required to go to your email to activate the account.

If you want to enlarge a photo toalarger size like by 8x or 16x, you may try a new online photo enlarger released by Vance AI: Vance AI Anime Upscaler.



Price: Free
Compatibility: Online

Photo Enlarger is a totally free online photo enlarger that allows you to enlarge photos in seconds. There is no limit on how many photos you can process to enlarge the photo. No registration or signing is required to enlarge the image. This free photo enlarger does not have AI technology, which means the photo quality you get is not that great. You can choose an enlargement factor simply by moving the slider. As you do so, the scale and width, and height will change accordingly. The max scale is less than 6x.


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4.Image Resizer

Price: Free
Compatibility: Online
This is a handy tool when you want to enlarge photos online for free and there is no limit. This free online photo enlarger is accessible to anyone without registration. All you need is a photo that you want to process or its URL. You can enlarge photos up to 5x for free with this free photo enlarger. The downside of this free photo enlargement is that the quality becomes lower after enlargement.

Image Resizer


Price: Free
Compatibility: Online

Photo enlarger is one of the handy tools provided by ResizeFile. It’s quick and easy to use. Everything is intuitive on this website. You can enlarge a photo up to 10x but the max file size you can get is 3000x3000px. If you want to customize the size of the photo you upload, you can move the slider on this photo enlarger online free. It’s easy to lock or unlock the aspect ratio of enlarged photos. Note: You can only download the result in jpg or pdf. PNG is not available on this website.



Enlarging smallphotos into larger ones help you to make full use of your assets. Next time when you want to create greater engagement with your audience, try to post content generated by them and enhance their quality with tools listed here.